May 25, 2024

Organizations and social entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to bring in new ideas, campaigns, and shiny new products. However, too few of them try to establish a basis of trust from the get-go instead of diving straight into branding and visibility. Building trust with communities and having their buy-in is essential for partners hoping for long-term success and sustainability.
Not only will an organization culture of trust factor into your target audience acquisition and retention, but it will also set your programs apart from the rest. NGOs that are not putting their time and effort into establishing relationships with their communities will slowly lose out to the ones that do. If you want to belong to the latter category, as you should, here are some hacks and tricks:

Be Available to Help You can probably think of a situation where an NGO you wanted to work with was difficult to contact, causing you to take your passion elsewhere. You do not want your target audience to go through the same ordeal. How available you make yourself to your beneficiaries and target audience will increase—or diminish— the trust they have in you. During normal business hours, calls and emails should be answered promptly. But being available does not require staffing a 24/7 call center just so reps can provide generic replies to common questions. There are more efficient—and frankly easier—ways to be available to beneficiaries. Chatbots, social media messaging apps and even virtual meetings can all be means of reaching every consumer in a way that is most comfortable for them. Some of these tools, such as an online chatbot built into your website, can even generate automatic responses. This tactic will cater to the needs of late-night internet browsers who are hoping to get a question answered long after dark. It is better to be able to give them answers yourself than to chance the answers that come through search engine results.​

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